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    Frédéric Mathieu 
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    Date of Birth  16 april 1980, Sucy en Brie, France
    Birth Name  Frédéric Georges Mathieu  
    Nickname  Fred   
    Height  5'11"25 (1.81 m)
    Colour of eyes  Blue/ grey   

    Married, one child (Melina Lian)
    Mini Biography
    Frédéric Mathieu was born in Sucy en Brie, France. 
    After his general certificate of education specialized 
    in business and communication, he studied in Paris 
    where he graduated of an higher national certificate 
    in Tourism Economy and recreational management. 
    He speaks four languages fluently.
    In 2001, he started as a trainee for the Spanish Tour 
    Operator Marsans/ Transtours on board the Princess 
    Danae in quality of Social Host and Tour Escort.
    After several summer seasons in the Northern Europe 
    with Marsans/ Transtours, Costa Cruises called and 
    signed him in october 2003 as an International Social 
    Host on board the Costa Classica for cruises in the 
    Mediterranean and the Caribbean.
    Well-experienced for his age, he informs, advices 
    and represents Francophony on board the Costa 
    cruise ships. 
    Thanks to his direct knowledge of the harbours in 
    Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America, 
    the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and Asia, his 
    presentations and his touristic information 
    constitue an essential guide for the passengers.
    He was chosen to represent France and the
    Francophony in the team of the Cruise Director 
    to do from December 28th, 2011 until April 06th, 
    2012, the World Cruise aboard the Costa Deliziosa.
    -French citizen
    -Fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and English.
    -He first fell in love with ships when, in 2001, he
    worked Classic International Cruises 16,531-ton 
    Ocean liner Princess Danae.  
    -He worked for two companies on board 14 different 
    cruise ships since 2001 as Tour Escort and International
    Social Host aboard the Princess Danae- Aegean I- 
    Costa Classica- Romantica- Fortuna- Magica- Victoria- 
    Allegra- Atlantica- Mediterranea- Luminosa- Deliziosa-
    -To date, he completed 2,988 days at sea, working 
    and participating in 295 cruises, 10 transatlantic 
    crossings, 1 Cape Horn, 5 Suez Canal, 2 Beagle Canal, 

    3 Kiel Canal,
    1 Panama Canal plus 2 drydocks, 1 ship naming
    ceremony, 1 maiden voyage and 1 World Cruise.
    -Basic Safety Training Certificate 2003 and 2012 
    (Regulation VI/1 STCW 1995 Code Section A-VI
    paragraph 2), personal survival techniques-
    fire prevention and fire fighting- elementary first aid-
    personal safety and social responsibilities.

    -Security Awareness Training certificate 2014
    STCW 2010 A-VI/ 6 -1 course for seafarers without
    designated security duties
    -Polar Certificate (70°N far above the Arctic circle
    in the land of the Northern lights and midnight sun;
    Tromso- Norway)
    -Nordkapp 71°10'21"N Certificate 2004
    -Nordkapp diploma and member of the Royal North
    Cape Club in 2009;
    -Spitzbergen Certificate 2009
    -Trollstigen panoramic road Certificate 2009; 
    (Andalsnes- Norway)
    -Ushuaia, Patagonia Certificate 2008 (the
    southernmost city of the world);
    -Europe-Asia Certificate (crossing from one 
    continent to the other over Istanbul
    Bosphorus bridge)- Turkey
    -Tandem Skydive Jump Certificate 2007
    (completed an approbed tandem skydive,
    exited an aircraft at more than 10,000 ft
    and experienced the freefall speed of
    200 km an hour, and descended to the
    ground by parachute) in Umm Al Quwain,
    United Arab Emirates;
    -Flight Certificate with Seawings
    Seaplane in Dubai 2010;
    -Helicopter Certificate with Helilagon
    in the heart of La Reunion island 2011;
    -Helicopter Tour in Antigua/ Montserrat
    in the Caribbean 2005;
    -Helicopter Tour in San Francisco in 2012;
    -He visited the most important and
    higher towers in the world: Burj Khalifa,
    Dubai (828m), Empire State Building, NY (443m),
    Top of the Rock (Rockfeller center NY), 
    Eiffel Tower, Paris (324m), 101 Taipei tower
    (Taiwan), Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai (468m),
    R66 Tower (Hong-Kong),
    Prudential Center (Boston), Tokyo
    tower (Japan), Kobe tower (Japan),
    Fukuoka Tower (Japan),
    Montparnasse tower (Paris); Sydney 
    Tower (Australia), Eureka Tower (Melbourne),
    Sky Tower, Auckland (328m), KL Tower
    (Kuala Lumpur), Burj Al Arab, Dubai (321m),
    Marina Bay Sands Hote, Singapore (150m),
    Aloha Tower, Honolulu (56m)
    -Went to "Mile 0" Southernmost point in
    Continental USA; Key West- Florida. 
    -Enjoys Basket-Ball (he played 7 years in Regional 
    level as a second guard).
    -"France Basket Camps" Certificate in 1995 decreed 
    by the French Federation of Basket-Ball. 
    -Collecting foreign bank-note (127 countries)